Second Training Facility

Blue print view of the two-story Second Training Facility. The 18,000 sq. ft., 40-kennel facility will include an elevator and several covered training yards.


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In November 2016, Dogs for Better Lives broke ground on an 18,900 sq. ft, 40-kennel Second Training Facility.  This new two-story facility with elevator will be housed on our current campus at the base of Lower Table Rock in Central Point, OR.

The anticipated ribbon cutting and grand opening of the new facility is expected during Fall 2018. More details to follow. To read up on the latest progress with construction of the Second Training Facility, click HERE.

Photos below show the most recent progress first and then sequence down to older (earlier progress) images below.

Looking west with Lower Table Rock above and the administration building to the far left. The roof is being completed now, window and siding have gone up and now preparing for further work to move forward inside, including electrical and plumbing. (April 2018)


Looking west with DBL’s administration building and kennels off to the left, at the base of Lower Table Rock. The Second Training Facility (center) continues to make great progress with the trusses up now and the roof expected to be on by late February. We’ve had a relatively dry fall and winter so far, though maybe spring will surprise us. (February 2018)


Framing is going up and concrete going down as you look west towards the main entrance to the Second Training Facility. The main administration building is off to the left side of the photo in the background. (January 2018)

Over the next several years, Dogs for Better Lives will hire up to 13 new staff (part/full-time) to work in the Second Training Facility within four general offices and one kennel tech office. Out front, we will have 45 paved parking spaces, including four which will be handicapped accessible.

Looking east from the DBL property, with Upper Table Rock in background, framing continues to co up in the central corridor and north (left) end where the garage is being built. Temperatures lately have been hovering in high 20s and low 30s, though work continues to progress nicely towards a mid-summer 2018 completion. (December 2017)

Nestled in southern Oregon’s Sams Valley, Dogs for Better Lives is building a Second Training Facility that will allow the organization to work with more dogs, many of which come to us from shelters all across the west coast.  The kennels in the new facility will be bigger, providing us with the ability to house larger breed dogs, suitable for several of our Assistance Dog programs.

Looking west from the bridge on Wheeler Road, Dogs for Better Lives and current progress on the Second Training Facility (far right) can bee seen, with Lower Table Rock in the background. (December 2017)

Nestled at the base of Lower Table Rock, Dogs for Better Lives moved from its original location in southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley in 1988 to it’s current 40-acre location in Central Point, OR. Originally the property was part of a larger pig ranch operation.

Looking west towards Lower Table Rock, the administration building is off to the far left. Cinder block is going up on the Second Training Facility’s south kennel wing, elevator tower can be seen at far end of north kennel (right), and framing is starting to go up. (December 2017)

To learn more about how you and/or your organization can support our Second Training Facility, please click HERE to view the SECOND TRAINING FACILITY PROSPECTUS.

Looking west towards southern Oregon’s Lower Table Rock, progress now continues on the cinder block compiling the south kennel wing. Each wing (2) will be comprised of 20 kennels, all of which will be able to handle a variety of dog sizes. (November 2017)

The new facility will have more capacity to handle larger breed dogs, as well as provide for more indoor training, due to hot summer and inclement weather at other times of the year.

Looking east towards Upper Table Rock, the central concrete pad has been poured, and cinder block is going up for the north kennel wing. (November 2017)

The Second Training Facility will have two 20-kennel wings (north and south) with dog-access to expansive exercise yards and views into the mystic Lower and Upper Table Rocks of southern Oregon. The facility will house up to 40 dogs and 11 staff, once it reaches capacity sometime in 2019.

Concrete pour for the main offices (middle) and then the north and south kennel wings will follow. Lower Table Rock in the background. (October 2017)

Surrounded by Lower Table Rock (to west), ranch lands to the south and east, and rural farm lands to the north, Dogs for Better Lives is situated on 40-acres in the middle of southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, with the legendary Rouge River coming across just south of the property.

Aerial shot taken in Summer 2017, shows you the progress on the new Second Training Facility, with the site being rocked and foundation parameter beginning to take shape. The new facility is located just north of the exiting administration, first training facility, and quarantine. Photo: Google (August 2017)

We anticipate our Second Training Facility being completed in early 2018, and it will grow the number of dogs we rescue, professionally train, and ultimately place with clients across the United States. Once the Second Training Facility is completed, this will allow us to eventually build up over time, to a capacity of three-times the number of dogs we are currently able to house, professionally train, and ultimately place with deserving clients.

Preparing for concrete pour of elevator shaft (left side of image). View looking east with southern Oregon’s Upper Table Rock in distance. (June 2017)

Support of our new Second Training Facility is a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to literally be engaged from the ground up. This is a significant next-step in our 3-year strategic plan to increase the number of highly trainable Assistance Dogs we place with people. Ultimately, they will provide better lives to people, through a lifetime of service and commitment.

Beginning to clear the land, in preparation for rocking the site. Southern Oregon’s Lower Table Rock in the background. (Feb 2017)

To-date, we wish to thank and acknowledge the following individuals, organizations, companies, and foundations for their significant support on this project.

  • Akery Construction and Consulting
  • Anonymous Donor
  • DBL Corporate Program
  • Dr. Brad and Cindy Frank
  • Frog Crossing Foundation
  • Ruth Hunter
  • Darlene and Harry Lambert Foundation
  • Virginia Madigan and Paul Loozen
  • Laura J. Niles Foundation
  • Lions Clubs International Foundation
  • Lions Clubs, Southern Oregon and Northern California
  • Lue Family
  • M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
  • Onan Family Foundation
  • The Potts Family
  • RV Quilters
  • Sandra Atlas Bass Fund
  • The Jeanne Pamilla Estate
  • The Powell Foundation
  • Three River Sams
  • Stacy Tollie
  • Iris Young


Board chairman Ron Holzkamp (L) with President & CEO Blake Matray, placing first shovels in the construction site’s ground in Central Point, OR. (Nov 2016)

There are  number of sponsorship opportunities available with the Second Training Facility, from naming rights, individual kennels, and outdoor landscaping.  If you or your company, community service club, or family foundation have an interest in learning more, please see attached prospectus and/or contact Harvey Potts at or (541) 826-9220.

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