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Royal Neighbors of America provides women and those they care about with insurance products, financial education, member benefits and services, and opportunities to volunteer in their communities. Driven by a desire to make a difference for other women and their communities, what started as a social gathering grew to be one of the largest women-led life insurers in the country.

Royal Neighbors’ philanthropic activities touch more communities than ever to make local towns and cities better places to live and grow.  In 2015 alone, more than 200,000 members nationwide gave $9.1 million in social goods to their local communities.

“Enclosed is our annual donation to help with your great work. At each monthly meeting, our little “doggie” bank is passed around and members deposit spare change, and the total amount, plus a little from our Chapter is sent at the end of the year.”

~ Carla H., Recorder/Treasurer, Royal Neighbors of America #10748, Oregon

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