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Standards & Ethics

Dogs for Better Lives is a member of Assistance Dogs International. The Assistance Dogs International Standards and Ethics Committee has developed minimum standards and ethics which all member programs must follow. This active committee updates existing standards and develops new ones. These standards are the backbone of the ADI accreditation and guide programs.

The public should understand that these are minimum standards. Please take the time to read each to understand all that goes into a working assistance dog.

Assistance Dogs in Public: guidelines on the public appropriateness, behavior and training expected of a dog working in the public.

Clients: guidelines for the rights of clients partnered with an Assistance Dog and the rights of the community as understood by ADI.

Dog: guidelines for the standards and ethics regarding the training and placing of Assistance Dogs.

Dog Partners: responsibilities of a person partnered with an Assistance Dog.

Guide Dogs: guidelines for the minimum training standards for a Guide Dog.

Hearing Dogs: guidelines for the minimum training standards for a Hearing Dog.

Service Dogs: guidelines for the minimum training standards for a Service Dog.

Facility Dogs: training standards for facility dogs.

Programs: standards for all member programs.

Trainers: minimum guidelines for Trainers. Trainers are encouraged to achieve a much higher level.


For more information, please visit the Assistance Dogs International website.

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