Impact Map

The Impact Map is an up-to-date tracker of where we currently have assistance dogs placed, as well as where we have volunteer Ambassadors across the United States.  The Impact Map is a resource tool, highlighting our national presence across the country with assistance dog placements, current Ambassadors who are supporting Dogs for the Deaf, and pointing to areas of the country where we have a need for more volunteer Ambassadors.

Note: Out of respect for our clients and Ambassadors’ privacy, we do not list names or addresses on this map.  Icons on the map are not placed accurately to a specific location in a respective state, merely noting our assistance dogs and/or Ambassador presence in a particular state within the United States.

Interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer Ambassador?  Follow this link.


 Assistance Dog placement(s)    Volunteer Ambassador(s)

Note: In the map below, click the “[    ]” brackets in the upper right corner of the box, to fully enlarge.

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