Our Dogs

Dogs for Better Lives rescues, trains and places dogs to help with different disabilities, challenges, and needs.

  • Hearing Dogs are trained to alert people to household sounds that are necessary for everyday safety and independence
  • Autism Assistance Dogs are trained to enhance the safety of children with autism by acting as an anchor and preventing the child from bolting
  • Program Assistance Dogs go to work with and assist professionals such as physicians, teachers, counselors, and court room advocates
  • Career Change Dogs are wonderful dogs who are happy and healthy but just not suited to working for a living

Our dogs have been credited with:

  • Alerting a woman to a fire in her kitchen
  • Alerting parents to a heart monitor beeping because their infant stopped breathing
  • Helping a stroke victim recover by making exercise and rehabilitation more fun
  • Enabling a physician for children with autism to treat her patients more easily and without restraint

We are committed to providing the very finest quality of training the dogs we train and the people we serve. This begins with an initial screening of dogs and applicants and continues with our commitment of professional training, support, and help throughout the life of each dog we bring in from a shelter.

Our trainers travel to animal shelters throughout the West Coast to evaluate dogs for suitability for one of our programs. They look for dogs that are confident and friendly and bring those dogs back to our facility for medical care, spaying/neutering, and microchipping.

Then the dogs begin their training. After 5-6 months of training, each dog is matched with the best applicant for that dog, and then trainer and dog travel to the client’s home to spend 3-5 days training the person how to maintain the dog’s training.

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